Get Your High School Diploma and College Credit at the Same Time!

The Accelerated Collegiate Experience (ACE) Program is located at the Cape College Center (CCC). Students attend the CCC for two years, replacing the junior and senior years of traditional high school. Students are enrolled in a curriculum consisting of all college course work taught by professors at the CCC. Upon successful completion, students earn an Associate of Arts, in addition to a high school diploma. This opportunity allows students to study in a non-traditional setting. 

A part-time option serves students who are in band, choir, art, or similar program and must complete specific high school classes for their portfolio review. This option allows students to complete the 42-hour general education core requirements while still taking classes at the high school.

Admission Requirements

Students must take the ACCUPLACER placement test, apply, and be accepted. Prospective students apply during their sophomore year and must begin the program their junior year. Seniors are not eligible to enter. Students should have a strong foundation of Algebra II and Geometry; however, the committee looks at overall performance by considering the following: 

  • Classroom performance
  • Cumulative 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Official student disciplinary record from school
  • ACCUPLACER minimum scores
  • An essay written by the student, reflecting his/her own work
  • A signed agreement to abide by the expectations and responsibilities of the program

Resources and Responsibilities

  • Students have access to a full-time Cape Central High School counselor and CCC academic advisor.
  • Students have access to the CCC tutoring and computer labs, in addition to resources at Kent Library.
  • Students are responsible for their transportation.
  • Students will follow the CCC academic calendar and are required to be in attendance for all classes.
  • The Cape Girardeau School District will cover the tuition and fees of college classes each semester. Students are required to maintain passing grades (C or better) in all classes.
  • Students may return to their high school for extracurricular activities, including sports.*
  • Book and software costs are the responsibility of the student 

*Students involved in MSHAA activities may have to take one class at the high school to have necessary credits for eligibility.

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