2020 Summer Courses - Semester Dates June 15 - August 7

Course Number Course Title Taught by Southeast or TRC Day – Hour
EN100/ENGL111 College Writing T

TR 12:00-

2:50 PM

MA090/MATH02 Transitional Math II T

MTWR 10:00-11:40 AM

MA106/MATH153 Intermediate Algebra T MTWR 10:00-11:40 AM
MA116/MATH163 Precalculus A S

MW 9:00-

11:50 AM

SC105/SCOM110 Public Speaking S

MW 12:00-

2:50 PM


COVID-19 Precautionary update: The CCC is open to the public. Face masks are required for your in-person visits to the CCC.